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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I came to the conclusion today that the only real way for me to get anything done is to make lists. List making is the equivalent of goal setting for me, and it is was the impetus for me to achieve my novel writing last summer. If I set myself a number of tasks to do each day (writing tasks) and make a list of them so that I can check them off when completed, I am that much more likely to actually achieve them. This is an entirely psychological approach for me, but it tends to work, and it is not the action of a control-minded A-type personality, but rather an impulsive B-typer who recognizes the need to reign in her randomness. There is also something infinitely fulfilling about checking something off a list. It's like giving myself a pat on the back, and even better is when I can work ahead on my list, achieving two days goals in one. (Last summer, for instance, I set myself to writing 3.5 pages a day, but I felt like a failure if I did not at least manage 7).

So . . . a list I have made, detailing specific readings and writings to do regarding the publishing process for the next ten days (culminating in at least 30 queries sent to agents and publishers). My readings for today are already complete, and very soon I will have finished this blog, making my goal for the day achieved. Smiles all around. I'll keep you abreast of my progress.


  1. Would also like to see some top-ten lists, such as: top ten tragic moments in harry potter, or top ten places in the world to find trolls...ect.



  2. I'll keep that in mind. *wink* I think a top ten list of tragic moments in Harry Potter could inspire some animated discussion, don't you?

  3. I think the death of Serious Black in the Potter novels, Frodo's decision to take the ring to Mordor in Lotr, and the King and the Unicorn's decision to save the trees at the beginning of The Last Battle for Narnia are probably among my favorites.