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Friday, November 20, 2009

What's new?

Well! It's been a whirlwind couple months for me in which I've made some important decisions regarding my publishing prospects. So here's what's new:
-I decided to self-publish my book on Amazon with
-I successfully completed said task and now have a book for sale!
-I have sold 22 copies of my book in 3 days and am looking forward to the prospect of many more sales to come!
-I have been working hard at promoting my book and have a large book-signing party planned for December 10th.
-I have many more prospects in the works for the further promotion of my book, including (hopefully) some interviews in various media outlets in the Birmingham area.
-I will continue to search for representation by a literary agent and I hope that I will someday soon see myself signed by a publishing house!

Whew! I think that's enough to be getting on with for now. If you would like to purchase The Gateway Chronicles: The Six, you can get it on or you can also purchase it at


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  1. Hey!! It's Walt. How are your children? I miss your class so much, and I feel very special having read half your book before it was published! I've checked it out on Amazon, and I'm going to buy it the first chance I get. When I get it, can I get an autograph from the author? I don't know if you want me to say your real name on your site, so I won't yet. I hope I see you soon!! -Walt Lyle