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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back Cover Excerpt

I have to say, taking a few days off from the writing process has felt wonderful! I fell asleep last night so fast that I don't even remember tossing and turning at all. But I am anxious to get on with my revisions, as well. Anyhow, I took a few minutes this afternoon to tweak the back cover excerpt. I'm not thrilled with this, and it's really too long to go on the back cover, but it's a take off of what I wrote before I actually started writing the novel itself. So, I thought I'd share what I came up with. Feedback is most welcome. What actually ends up on the book should be similar to this:

One year has gone by since Darcy Pennington’s life changed forever. A year ago she’d thought that magic only existed in fairy tales. A year ago the existence of parallel realms would have seemed preposterous to her. A year ago she’d had no real friends. Now all that had changed.

It is the summer before freshman year and a return to Cedar Cove Family Camp also means a return to Alitheia for Darcy and her five friends. Remembrances of Alitheia are bittersweet for Darcy, however, as her elusive purpose and uncertain future in the magical realm continues to evade her. Egged on by the boy she is supposed to someday marry, Darcy petitions the Oracle, a mysterious entity that can answer any question, and finds herself sucked into a journey that she did not intend to take. Darcy soon comes to realize that her journey to the Oracle has thrown the outcome of the prophecy itself into question, and endangered both new friends and old. Uncertainties continue to mount between Darcy and her companions, and an unwelcome visitor from Cedar Cove adds a layer of mystery that none of them were prepared for.

When Darcy reaches the end of her journey, it is to find herself with more questions than she started out with. And there is a cost associated with every answer that the Oracle gives... a cost that may be far greater than Darcy is willing to pay.


  1. Hmm, I really liked it, but I think it might be too much detail. The first paragraph is great (it's a figure of speech, ya know.)! We want to read the back of the book and think, "Ooooh, how mysterious of her!" *opens the book and begins to voraciously devour its contents*
    That's how it's going to be when we get it.

  2. Katie makes me giggle.

    Yes, I agree with her, it's quite long and I don't know if I would have made it all the way through it if I had just picked it up in the bookstore. However, I would suggest that you switch around some of the sentences in the first paragraph and say, "A year ago she had no friends... magic... parallel realms". So it builds up instead of building down. X]

    Anyways, I'm excited for you to finally tell me what you want me to do for cover art for this one. I have six sketches for cover art for The Six waiting for you in my sketchbook already.