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Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Writing!... Curriculum

Well, I can honestly say that I AM writing this week... but not fantasy fiction. I've had a bit of a period of silence here with my online "stuff" (blog, twitter, facebook, etc...), and not honestly because I needed a break or anything like that, or even that I've been overwhelmed with schoolwork, I simply didn't have anything new or unique to say for a week or so. I began to feel the itch once again to get back to my life as an author, but I realized that I still didn't exactly have anything author-related to blog about at the moment. The only writing that I'm doing right now is curriculum writing for school. I decided to add a new unit for my 8th grade classes, so I'm busy as a bee researching and writing lecture notes and worksheets. While this might not interest those of you who enjoy my fantasy fiction (and devestate those of you who are my 8th grade students), perhaps it at least shows you my versatility. I'm stretching to make this apply to my blog, I realize this. I will try to have something a bit more... engaging next time!

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