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Monday, May 30, 2011

Book 3 Cover Debut!

I am happy to finally be able to debut the cover art for book 3 of The Gateway Chronicles! The background color for this book will be white, just as it appears here. I must give props to my fantastic artists (and new high school graduates) Mariah Lawrence, Hannah Pryor, and Bethany Carter who have designed all three of the new covers for me. It will be several months yet, but when The White Thread goes up for sale, I will add this image to the sidebar with a hyperlink for easy purchase on Amazon.


  1. Love it! Talented girls! I hope you'll add The White Thread to the Kindle book list. It does make it impossible to autograph the copy :-( but it will go great with my other 2 kindle copies!

  2. That one was, by far, the easiest to draw. Not so with the next one. >_>