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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Character Bio - Tellius

The much-promised and long-awaited character bio on Tellius is finally here! Thanks for sticking with me...

Full name: Tellius Ecclektos VII
Parents: Tellius Ecclektos VI and Mitera Ecclektos
Siblings: Cadmus Ecclektos (1 1/2 years younger)
Physical description: Tellius has changed a lot from book to book, but he's on his way to being tall (~6 feet) and lean. He has dark brown hair that is wavy and brown eyes with flecks of green in them. He has a straight nose and freckles, although not as pale a complexion as Darcy. He has a square jaw and strong lines in his face.
Personality: Tellius's personality is rather tricky. I've kept him pretty mysterious for a while so that I can reveal things about him a little bit at a time. As you find out in book 3, however, Tellius has a lot of repressed feelings of fear, anger, and personal torment. He is haunted by the childhood memory of his parents' murders and is hyper aware of his own mortality and of the imminent danger that the remaining few members of his family are in. He tends toward seriousness and resentment over things from his past and things foretold to come in his future. Because of these things, he had to grow up much faster than usual for a boy of his age, and he tries desperately to control any aspect of his life that he can. It's not all negative for Tellius, though! As with many people who go through extreme trials, he will eventually allow them to transform him into a strong ruler and someone who is fiercely protective of the people he loves. He's also quite courageous, if a little rash at times, and thoughtful. And, well, there's a lot more that I could say about him, but I have to leave some things to be discovered!
Likes: Swordplay, archery, horseback riding, reading, art.
Dislikes: Having his life determined for him, hypocrites and people who act fake, autumn, being left behind/left out.
Birthday: September 15th
In Alitheia: Tellius is the seventh of his name in the Ecclektos line of rulers. He is a descendant of the first legitimate human king of Alitheia and the bearer of the promise of the prophecy that a king (presumably in his line) would someday wed the Intended. He is gifted with inverse fire and water magic, which is very unusual because most people in Alitheia are born with earth magic.
Trivia: His governess, Eleanor Stevenson, is like a surrogate mother to him. Tellius is my favorite character in the entire series and easily the most complex. While Tselloch ruled at Ormiskos, Tellius and his brother hid in plain sight as servants under their first cousin once removed, Tullin, at the low castle-keep of Kenidros. It took me a long, long time to settle on Tellius's name; it could not be too difficult to say, and I wanted it to convey a sense of royalty while also sounding friendly. I eventually based both his names off of Greek words that have significant meaning to his identity, but I'm not revealing what they are! Although his interactions with Cadmus have not been given much time in the books, Tellius loves his little brother more than anybody else in the world and is attached to him as only the older of a pair of orphaned boys could be. Tellius is the funnest character to write. 


  1. I feel bad because I have yet to read "The White Thread" and I daringly read this knowing there would likely be spoilers. But, I have to say- Tellius is such a cool character. I'm so excited to see how he will mature through out the series. He very well might become one of my favorite characters. My favorite right now are: Yahto Veli, Lewis and Rubidius. I guess it has the likelihood to change! (:

  2. Wow, i CANNOT wait for the next three books! i have been a fan of your books from the begining, and since the begining, Tellius has always been my favorite character. i have always loved the moodyness (i guess :/ )of tellius and how i could have him figured out then him do something and i am like "WHOA WHAAAAT!" and i have to rule out my former hypothesis. Also, i am COMPLETELY inspired by an author like you, your series has given me ideas and has helped me through writing my first book, it will not be an elaborate and most likely not as wonderful as yours, but who knows? i have some author questions so if i can message or sumthin on here ill find out and if its okay ill shoot you a few questions. Cannot wait for The Enchanted!