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Saturday, December 8, 2012

December News!

Hey Y'all! (As I live outside of Birmingham, AL, I am allowed to use "y'all" even though I am a professional writer, FYI.) December is going by so quickly, I feel like we are going to be at Christmas before we know it. Here are a few of the exciting things going on with me/my publishing house this month...

My day for the 12 Days of Christmas sale at TWCS is December 19th, but there are lots of other titles in a variety of genres to check out! Click HERE to visit TWCS and view the schedule.

Also this month, TWCS is proud to announce an official Young Adult division on Facebook! Now you can keep up with JUST YA book news from yours truly and the other YA authors at The Writer's Coffee Shop. Visit our Facebook page HERE and click "like"!

And don't forget, with Christmas almost upon us, that The Gateway Chronicles make great Christmas presents for readers of all ages. Here's what a recent new reader said in an e-mail to me this month after reading my books for the first time: 

I started your books last week and finished "The Enchanted" today. I consider myself a very avid reader, as I read constantly, and I must inform you that your books are my new favorite series of all time. I loved them more than Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Narnia, and even the Hunger Games. 

Just click on any of the covers in the sidebar to be redirected to the TWCS bookstore to purchase copies. Feel free to contact me directly at with any questions! 

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