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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Plan for Spring Break

Is it hubristic of me to assume that any of you CARE what I will be doing over spring break? (Or perhaps it's hubristic of me to use a word like "hubristic" in my blog. Hmmm....) Perhaps you will care as it relates to my progress on The White Thread, however. As soon as school gets out on Friday, I will have a blissful week all to myself to spend wiling the hours away in front of my laptop, spinning my fantasy tales as only I can.... Sorry, I just had to stop and laugh hysterically for a moment. No, obviously that will not be how my spring break is spent, but in all seriousness I do intend on getting some work done on book 3. In between assorted doctors and dentist appointments for myself and my young'ns (since Spring Break is the only time that I really have to do that sort of stuff), and cleaning my pathetically filthy house, I will hopefully complete my detailed outline for The White Thread. If I manage to get that done in good order, I might even start writing the manuscript itself, although I'm not too concerned about getting started on that, as I already find myself ahead of schedule. Can you believe that last summer I didn't even start writing my outline for The Oracle until June? I started June with a re-read of The Six and the note taking process that goes along with that, then began my outline in the second week and started writing near the end of that week (revising and finishing the outline as I went along). Then we took off for a 10 day family vacation to MN and I had to stop work entirely, only to resume three or four days after we got back. That left me with about 6 weeks to write about 320 pages of the 385 page manuscript. I got it done (and in only 5 weeks, actually), but it was terribly stressful and my brain was so occupied for the entire time that I suffered from acute insomnia. It was so bad that I stayed up all night once I hit page 325 and wrote the last 60 pages in about 8 hours. Long story short, I don't want to find myself in that position again this summer, which is why I have done so much working ahead this year. SO, bringing me back to the title of my blog post, I hope to have all of my pre-writing for The White Thread finished before the end of Spring Break, leaving me my full Summer Break for actual story writing.

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  1. YAY! I'm super pumped! I promise I'm going to finish it over spring break. I'll read it in the airport so people will ask me about it. :P