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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update on the Print Edition

So, frustration of frustrations, I received my final proof copy today to discover that createspace did, indeed, shrink all the text down instead of trimming the extra white space around the outside. Again, I submitted the exact same size document as I always have, and it has never been a problem before, but this time it was. I spoke with customer service just now and they are sending my query on to technical support. They will hopefully just go ahead and fix it for me, as they've always done before, but they might require me to submit another document (which would really be frustrating, as I can't send any other sort of document than what I've been sending all along). Anyhow, it's going to take several days, probably, for me to hear back from them, and then I won't be able to okay it for purchase until I approve another proof. This was really not meant to take this long, so I apologize to all of you that are waiting for it. I'll stay on top of it and get it done as quickly as possible!

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