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Friday, October 12, 2012

Awesome Student Review

In honor of The Enchanted coming out in less than a week, I thought I'd publish a review of the first three books that was sent to me by a new student of mine. For those of you who still haven't read my books, perhaps this will encourage you to check them out! ;o) Anyhow, this student was incredibly gracious and sweet in her review of my books, and she gave me permission to publish her e-mail (with spoilers edited out) on my blog. Enjoy!


I'm having an experience you may be tired of hearing about...but I just finished The White Thread and I don't think I can stand to wait for The Enchanted to come out!!!

When I first picked up The Six, I was not sure I would not enjoy it, due to all the parallels to The Chronicles of Narnia. But I soon fell in love with the Gateway Chronicles because our writing styles are so similar and I just loved the Six themselves. Darcy, of course, is so much like me. Her attitudes towards family time and extroverted Sam are almost parallel to mine under similar circumstances. Sam, on the other hand, annoyed me, but after she stuck up for Darcy like she did, I liked her a whole lot. Amelia...well, she was kind of snobbish. But she really is great, because she cares about Sam, and keeps Darcy level-headed. As for the boys, I just swoon every time I read about Perry. He's always doing something cute. But he just really needs something to deepen his character. And Lewis is just awesome. Especially in The White Thread. He's so sweet and a definite gentleman. Well, as for Dean...frankly, I'd like to get to know him better. Right now he's just kind of standoffish and unkind. I'd like to see him be better friends with Darcy.

And another character I just have grown to love is Tellius. *sigh* I love those characters with deep, emotional scars no one can see. In The Six, I didn't think much about Tellius, until the end, when I thought it was cute that he went to Darcy's bedside in the infirmary. In The Oracle I liked him more, and he did cute things again like awkwardly saying he was glad Darcy was safe. But in The White Thread, oh my goodness. Darcy can't deny it. He's so right for her. Tellius rocks. I love him. Team Tellius all the way!

So, I began The Six when we visited Alabama the first time and you presented me with it. I read it steadily in the days to follow, but, due to school and moving and stress in general, I unfortunately did not finish it until the second time we came to Alabama. Then I began The Oracle, but restarted it and finished it just this week. It was so good. Yahto Veli is another great character that I just love, because he cares so much about Darcy, but I think the fact that it was Yahto who came around in the end is what really got to me. And yeah, I started The White Thread yesterday and finished possibly half an hour ago. SO GOOD!!!! I cried again. 
And poor Colin! As creepy as he is, I genuinely feel bad for him, and I hope he's okay.

I feel as though I don't have a right to love the books so much, considering I just got here, I barely know you, and the books have been around a couple years. But I hope you consider me a fan, and I hope we'll be able to chat more in the future, as I love to write and have loved to since I can remember. I think you are amazing in the feat you have accomplished! Writing is hard work!!! Thank you for your amazing novels. ;)

Your new student and ENORMOUS fan.

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