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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Character Bio - Lewis

A LONG time ago I promised a character bio on Lewis, and then I got distracted with other things, and it slipped my mind. Well, I apologize, and here, at long last, is the promised bio...

-Full Name: Lewis Daniel Acres (Lewis is of course named for C. S. Lewis, and his middle name is for my nephew)
-Parents: Louise and Ronald Acres. (His mom is rather abrupt and has never really liked Darcy. We have never met his father in the context of the story, but he's named for Ron Weasley.)
-Siblings: Brother Jonathan is four years younger, sister Joanna is nine years younger. (Jonathan is named for J. R. R. Tolkien, Joanna for J. K. Rowling. The only summer Lewis missed going to Cedar Cove was when his sister was born. This is from real life as the only summer my family missed going to our family camp was the summer my little brother was born.)
-Personality: Lewis is introspective, like Darcy, but in a more, well, masculine sense. Where Darcy (in the first book) is sulky and self-absorbed in her introspection (obviously her greatest character flaw), Lewis is just aloof and oblivious in his. When he is younger, in the first books, he is content to just be in his own little world, and he's rather protective of his private musings (shown in how he carries around a backpack and spends more time writing in the journals in the backpack than conversing with actual people.) As the series progresses, the backpack gradually disappears and he becomes more in-tune with the world around him. He remains thoughtful and above much of the teenage "drama," but he tends toward pessimism. Early on, Sam is the only person he's ever opened up to, and his best friend, but as Sam gains Darcy's friendship, Lewis's role in her life diminishes somewhat. At first he's resentful of the intrusion, but then (after book 1) he decides to take it in stride and befriend Darcy instead. By the middle books of the series, he's closer to Darcy than either of the other two boys in their group of friends. This relationship is aided by the fact that he, Darcy, and Sam all live on the same street and go to the same school I've always intended Lewis to be smart, a little nerdy, and, at heart, simply a good guy.
-Physical Characteristics: Lewis is small for his age in the first books, with mousy-brown hair, light blue eyes, and glasses. Out of touch with modern fashions, he really doesn't care about his appearance. He shoots up to be quite tall in the later books and, although he remains oblivious to it, a decent-looking boy.
-In Alitheia: Lewis is the Scribe. His talent is to write things that are prophetic or otherwise supernaturally helpful. He can't perform his talent on command as the words must come from Pateros, although sometimes he finds that something he has written long ago applies to a present situation. His standard is an Owl, and he is bonded with the Owl Koukoubagia (Kouk). He is overlooked for fighting/warrior training in the first books since he is small and not interested in it, but as he gets older, he decides he'd like to take part, although he's never much of a fighter. His gift from Rubidius is an enchanted phoenix quill.
-Trivia: When I was writing book 1, the reason I had in my mind for why Lewis didn't like Darcy was that he actually had a crush on her, and resented the fact that she never noticed him. As the story progressed, however, I realized that didn't really make sense, and it would make more sense for him to end up having a crush on Sam instead. (*spoiler alert for book 4) I LOVED writing in the romance between Lewis and Sam because I never intended for them to actually be right for each other, and it meant I could make it awkward and uncomfortable. I think everyone probably had relationships like that in High School - "dating" someone in name, but not really acting like you are dating. I know I did! So I wrote that from personal experience, and I think it was relatable for many readers as well.

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