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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fan Art Spotlight!

Over the past couple years, I've had a few readers create various bits of art and crafts associated with The Gateway Chronicles. One of the first readers to ever create something was a student of mine named Anna who transformed one of her books into a book from the library in the Great Hall at Sanditha (from book 1, The Six).

The title of the book is, Celmian Imports and their Economic Impact on Alitheia, and here's the story behind it... Darcy snatches this book off a shelf to make herself look busy when Tellius comes into the Great Hall. I wanted it to be a humorous scene because she discovers that she has chosen about the most boring book imaginable, and then, to save face, she has to act interested in it when Tellius engages her in discussion. I hated economics when I was in High School, so naturally I made the book about economics. This was just one of those little things I put into book 1 to build tension between Darcy and Tellius, who are really young, and really opposed to the idea of marrying each other someday. 

When Anna sent me this picture, I was thrilled. She's a very creative girl, and I love that she put her creative energies into such a tiny story element. It made me realize that some of my readers were reading my books with greater devotion, and attention to detail, than I'd dared hope. 

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